Based on request, the deadline for the 2021 Mangrove Friendly Landscape Development Challenge has been extended to October 15th, 2021. See below for the kinds of initiatives that could be considered as well as further details.

Types of Initiatives

1. Mangrove Reserves
2. Building practices that avoid removing mangrove or high-quality mangrove
3. Formal landscaping that incorporates mangrove
4. Mangrove hedges in developments
5. Boardwalks in mangrove forests
6. Docks built along mangroves rather than removing mangrove shorelines
7. Aesthetically pleasing mangrove trimming
8. City Parks with mangrove
9. Conservation and tourism organizations that maintain mangrove reserves

How can you participate?

You can register and submit your application at: . Interested individuals could also contact me at [email protected] or Rosario Calderon at [email protected] should further clarification needed.

How will selection be conducted?

The 2021 Mangrove Friendly Development Challenge will operate as it has in the past with a panel of judges scoring received entries. Projects will be judged on the following criteria:- conservation value (shoreline protection, habitat and water quality protection), aesthetics, sustainability and creativity.

Who will review and select the winners?

A panel of judges will review all entries that meet the selection criteria, according to the projects that are being considered. This panel is formed by:

� A landscape architect
� A civil engineer
� A marine biologist
� A mangrove expert
� A representative from the Forest Department

What are contest categories and prizes?

The Mangrove Friendly Development Challenge includes two categories:

1) Sustainable conservation category - which will award those projects that have placed special emphasis on shoreline protection, habitat, and water quality protection.

2) Aesthetics and creativity category - which will award those projects that highlight and enhance the beauty of the coastal landscape.

A first, second and third place will be awarded per each category.

First place winners will receive a certificate and plaque and all winners will receive local and international publicity and exposure in WWF's and partners' publications, print and TV media and the internet.