AjJik is planning a trip to San Pedro from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th of October to sharpen knives, scissors, and other tools for the kitchen, garden, and workshop. Such as meat slicers, carving chisels, and pruners. Please contact me on +501 605 2517 for inquiries and bookings.

I can work at your business or house if you want express service. My charge is $18 per knife and $10 per pair of scissors for express service on the island. For regular service, I charge $10 per knife plus shipping. Between the 12th to 14th, I will collect your knives in San Pedro and send them back within two weeks via Tropic Air. For $5 extra, I can correct the shape of any blade. This is often necessary if a knife has been honed on a steel or electric sharpener without regular professional grinding on a stone or belt. For $10 extra, I can shape a new point for knives that have been snapped off.

During October, I am offering to sharpen one knife up to 8" long for your household or business for free. You will be able to experience how great your blades perform when sharpened professionally! This offer doesn't include restoration costs where the profile needs to be corrected. I give special discounts for large quantities or for knives that can be sharpened quickly.

Please note that my trip to San Pedro is conditional on having enough knives and other blades booked for sharpening to cover travel costs. Sharpening referrals to friends and family on the island are greatly appreciated!

Ian Anderson: Caves Branch has first hand experience with AjJik' knife sharpening .. incredible how a professionally sharpened knife performs. We highly recommend AjJik' knofe sharpening@

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