On Saturday, around 6AM, police responded to reports of a lifeless body found in the sea in front of a beach resort south of San Pedro Town. The body was of a Caucasian person, identified as American National 70-year-old Warren Nitz commonly known as ‘Rabbit.’ The incident has been so far described as 'Sudden Death.' The cause of his death will be known following a scheduled post-mortem examination.

After the body was retrieved from the water and examined, no signs of violence were observed. The officers only reported minors scrapes on the face. The deceased was then transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where Dr. Joshua A. Canul pronounced him dead at 7:37AM. He was swabbed for COVID-19 and tested negative. Afterwards, the body was transported to the San Pedro Morgue.

Nitz had been living in San Pedro for the past four years.

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Body of 70-year old Warren Nitz found floating in the sea

In San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye a dead body of US citizen ‘Rabbit’ who was formerly known as Warren Nitz, was found on the beach in the early morning. At around 6 o’clock 35 years old James Miller, the security guard of the Corona Del Mar hotel, found Nitz dead body floating in the sea near the shores.

In the additional statement, the security guard while telling about the scene said that he was at his duty while he discovered the dead body on the beach floating near the southern section of the seawall. Till then, police has not found any marks of violence on the body, but minor scraps have be seen on the face of Warren Nitz. Miller also informed American businessman 48-year-old Jeffrey Hannah who went to assist with fishing the body out of the sea.

After informing the police, the body has been taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where the health officials of the polyclinic declared that Nitz was dead before bringing him to the hospital. According to the pieces of information, Warren Nitz was a retired bartender who had been living for about 4 years in Belize. Nitz was 70 years old when he died.

The police have been investigating the whole incident of the sudden death of an American retired bartender.

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