We would like to advise on our new services provided to residents of San Pedro Town. Effective tomorrow, Tuesday 12th October, 2021, and for the next two weeks, we will be providing only drop off / online services.

The Traffic Department will be providing services as follows for walk-ins:

(i) Mondays Only: Renewal of Driver's License and Licensing of Golf Carts.

(ii) Tuesdays Only: Licensing of Golf Carts. Pick up of Driver's License.

(iii) Wednesdays Only: Written test in the morning only (max 8 persons) and Practical (2 persons every hour during the day) Must call for appointment.

(iv) Thursdays Only: Licensing of Private motor vehicles, trucks, trailers. Pick up of Driver's License

(v) Fridays Only: Renewal of Driver's License

Payments for renewal of Driver's License / violation tickets are to be paid online. Please call 671-5924 for banking details. For renewal of License stickers, please call aforementioned number to schedule an inspection prior to making payment.

Traffic Departments (General Inquiries) - [email protected]

Traffic Manager - [email protected]

Traffic Inspector - [email protected]

Property Tax Department: Inquiries can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

Trade Licenses/Liquor Licenses Department: Inquiries can be submitted to [email protected] or [email protected]

Building Unit: [email protected]

For general queries you can submit questions to [email protected] or call 673-2198.

At this time we ask residents for your patience, understanding and cooperation during these unexpected moments for the SPTC.

We encourage residents to keep following established COVID-19 protocols and to get vaccinated.

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