The Corozal Freezone, which reopened its doors over eight months ago, despite heavy criticism from the public surrounding the safety of Belizeans, has managed to combat the odds and has only reported one COVID-19 infection since its reopening.

According to the information, one symptomatic case was picked up last week by the robust screening measures at the entrance of the Freezone. That individual was immediately swabbed while a health team moved swiftly to conduct contract tracing at the store where the employee worked. A total of 18 persons were identified during that activity, however, all of them tested negative.

The CEO of the Corozal Freezone Neri Ramirez explained how the Free Zone has managed to remain COVID-19 free despite the high infection rate in neighboring Mexico.

"We have hired 17 COVID-Martials on the ground and they are here from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 p.m. The entire zone has been divided into eight blocks. Each one of them has to inspect the stores within their zones twice daily to ensure that persons are practicing social distancing, wearing their mask and having security checking the temperatures, and sanitizing all customers coming into the store," Ramirez added. "So, it is a constant inspection that they do and we collect that data so we know if they are doing their jobs or not. It boils down to strict enforcement and not letting up. We also have regular screening, because even though we are 100% vaccinated, we are not bringing down our guard. We continue to do testing to know exactly where we stand and to keep the Freezone free of COVID."

Ramirez also told us that out of the Freezone's 1,330 employees, all 100 percent of that number has gotten their first dose of the vaccine while 95% have gotten their second dose. 100 percent of the investors-which also include Mexican investors-have also been vaccinated.

The Reporter