On the borders of Mexico and Guatemala lies a wild and impenetrable land.

Belize used to be the land of a legendary empire: the Mayas. Some legacy of their presence still remains. Accompanied by local guides, tourists can marvel at the remnants of their constructions hidden in the country’s mysterious forests.

With nearly a third of the country’s forests now protected, the Mayas’ heritage is not the only treasures to be found in the jungle. 250 000 hectares of rainforest, palm trees, tropical cedars and mahogany classified as nature reserves hosts various native animals. Another unmissable Belize's wonder is the Blue Hole, one of the largest marine holes in the world with a width of 300m and a depth of 140m.

From the film: “Belize - Jungle and Coral” from the collection “Green Paradise”
Direction: Jean Froment
Production: MAHA, What's up Films & ARTE G.E.I.E.