Belize' Magistrates Courts are currently under an assessment by the Canadian funded project called IMPACT Justice, which is short for Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean.

The assessment referred to as the Situational Analysis of the Magistrates' Courts of Belize, is being done to identify areas of legislative reform needed to improve the overall Magistrates' Court system.

The judicial officers who will conduct this assessment are Dennis Morrison, a former judge of the Belize Court of Appeal, and Godfrey Smith, a former Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and a senior counsel in Belize.

A press release, says, quote, "The situational analysis which will include the views and opinions of persons in the justice sector, deficiencies in the current legislative framework; the needs for a code of ethics for magistrates; the need for sentencing guidelines; the feasibility of establishing specialized jurisdictions within the Magistrates' Court system and identify procedural deviations in the system." End quote.

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