The Corozal Town Council states on the record that NO PERMISSION has been granted for any development on the area next to Mother's Park.

The Council also makes it clear that there is NO SALE of public land, and that this Council DOES NOT support the sale of any public land.

Temporary markers were placed as part of a comprehensive review of a prospective local business concept in the area that would operate, if approved by the Council and other relevant stakeholders, on the basis of a lease of public land.

The Council has carried out its planned site inspection, and has instructed that the temporary markers be removed pending the conclusion of the review process.

Any business proposal that seeks to utilise public land is guided by a detailed and transparent process, to which this Council adheres to very strictly. That process sees the development of a proposal followed by consultation with the Council, relevant Government agencies, and the public before it gets approval.

This Corozal Town Council was re-elected on a strong mandate to improve our local economy, foster the creation of jobs, and develop tourism. The Council has a responsibility to review any business proposal that would bring responsible and sustainable development that will benefit our people and community. The Council also takes its responsibility of engaging the public seriously, and vows to do this when it has all relevant information on the proposed business on hand.


Corozal Daily Note: With all due respect to our Town Council friends, this Corozal Daily Admin. would like to put it on record that I personally interviewed the contractor on site who gave me information that is contrary to the Town Council's release, so in the absence of any review process (paperwork and public consultation) , we do not know who to believe, the Town Council or the Investor and Contractor.

We hope that in the future public areas are considered what they are, public areas and decisions made by local authorities to build and improve on them are channeled through the proper mandate of public consultations, as these lands are sovereign and sacred.

Encourage potential investors to purchase their own properties like everyone else has done and build on them and stop enabling the chipping away of our patrimony.