Prime Minister Hon. John Briceño's Statement on Climate Change at the United Nations General Assembly

"COVID-19 brought the Belizean economy to its knees... To confront the urgency of the pandemic, governments across the globe reallocated funds to meet desperate needs. Loans originally committed for development and climate change were diverted to cover emergency health needs and to mitigate the impact on the unemployed."


PM Briceño’s Statement on Climate Change at UN General Assembly

On November first, Prime Minister John Briceño will be attending the World Leaders Summit at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. The United National Climate Change Conference brings together government officials to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, signed back in 2016 and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The goal is to get countries to commit to agreements made, and for smaller developing countries that have been adversely affected to access climate financing for adaptation to the changing climate. Back in September, at the UN General Assembly PM Briceño, in his address, said that there is need for urgent corrective action.

Prime Minister John Briceño

“No one can deny that the planet is getting hotter. The facts are that July 2021 was the hottest month ever. Each of the last four decades have been successively warmer than any decade that preceded it since 1850. Global temperature is now one point two degrees warmer, sea levels are rising; the fact is that global average sea level has risen fastest since 1900 than over any preceding century in the last three thousand years. Since 1900, droughts are unprecedented and have become more frequent and last longer. Severe weather events are more frequent and devastating. The last twenty years have seen the number of major floods more than double while the incident of storms grew from one thousand four hundred and fifty-seven to two thousand and thirty-four. Mother Nature is rebelling; she is reacting to our destructive tendencies and our refusal to take urgent corrective action. We can do better, and Mister President, our capacity to survive is being tested by the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic.”

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