And while it used to be that the circumstances of death and tragedy were more often than not unpredictable. The Pandemic came along to put us all just a little bit more on our toes.

And as you've heard one million times by now a mask is one of the best ways to protect yourself from contagion. That's doubly true for our healthcare workers, many of whom are at constant threat of infection.

But this afternoon they got some help for their defenses in the form of over 800,000 Korean KN94 masks. It's part and parcel of technical cooperation between the Government of Korea and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration.

Cherisse Halsall attended the handing-over ceremony in Belmopan.

This donation is in addition to the 260 AccuPrep Viral RNA Extraction Kits and 16,000 units of sample kits Clinical Virus Transport Medium received from the same trust in July of 2020.

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