A mobile public health team from the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is on the island throughout this week, providing COVID-19 tests at homes, educating people on the disease, and ensuring that established health protocols are followed. The team clarified that they are not part of the COVID-19 task force, which is expected to come into action on Monday, November 1st, in different parts of the country.

MOHW’s Senior Health Inspector Lisa Tillett, in charge of the Belize District, explained that due to the spike in cases and deaths on the island, they decided to visit San Pedro Town to see how the COVID protocols were enforced. As the high tourism season is approaching, Tillett said that islanders must follow the regulations. Some of their activities included visiting residents at their homes and educating them on the virus and general health. The team also tested people in their homes during their house-to-house visits. Tillett explained that along with the police, they have been visiting different business establishments, particularly restaurants across town. They remind customers that no gatherings should be happening with persons from different households. They stressed to stakeholders that alcohol should only be served with food, and again, social distancing, hand hygiene, and mask-wearing are imperative for all patrons. According to her, if businesses enforce the rules, they will have no issues during the high season.

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