Several weeks ago, the Ministry of Education gave the green light to sixty schools across the country to reopen for hybrid learning. Since then, the majority of those schools have welcomed students back into the physical classroom. We asked Minister Fonseca for an update on the phased reopening of schools for face to face learning.

Francis Fonseca, Minster of Education, Culture, Science and Technology

"The last report I received was that forty two schools across the country have reopened in some form, as you would appreciate, for face to face learning. So, in most cases it is a hybrid approach. So, you have face to face learning, but you also have online learning as well taking place. Very few schools have reopened for face to face learning, only for face to face learning. And, I don't think that is something we are going to see very quickly. So, forty two schools have reopened. I think, over sixty of them have actually gotten green lighted."

Channel 5