No reports made to police

A video showing a group of young men involved in a brawl at the Boca del Rio beach park has gone viral. According to reports, one person was stabbed during the confrontation and transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where he was later released. Police are looking into this incident; however, they indicated that no reports had been made by those attacked and hurt. Meanwhile, many residents are shocked and disappointed about this type of behavior among the island youth.

The video shows two young males approaching another one standing next to a bicycle. They seem to be talking to each other, and seconds later, one of them starts running away, followed by the guy next to the bike. A fight begins, and the video shows a couple of individuals getting kicked and punched to the ground. During that moment, one person was stabbed, but the wounds reportedly were not significant. The altercation continued as more young men joined in the brawl. Some individuals chase after each other, while others get into the water to avoid a beating. They are stoned with what appeared to be rocks and sticks. Others walking towards the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge have stones hurled at them but hitting no one. The fight ends when someone yells that the police are coming. The crowd dispersed, running away from the Boca del Rio beach park, and the video ended.

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