The timeline that everyone seems to know right now is the countdown to the first Dia De La Raza. It's 342 days to October 12, 2022, and let's just say, public opinion is divided on the new holiday. Most people just want to know what it refers to - while others have expressed that it invokes a Latin American sensibility that doesn't exist in anglophone Belize, and still more are saying that it's just the sample old Columbus Day - which was scrubbed this year - by another name.

Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa has not responded to our requests for a comment, so we asked Norteno Jose Mai what he thinks about it - and, not surprisingly, he had a cheerful, if somewhat rambling spin:

Hon. Jose Mai - Minister of Agriculture

"I don't view it as celebrating Columbus Day. Columbus didn't discover Belize, he came here and people were already. So I don't subscribe to that, we're celebrating the day of the Mestizos, we're celebrating the Hispanics, we have Hispanics, Creole, Garifuna, we're celebrating a Hispanic Day, there is a Hispanic Day and as much as we may not like the colonialists we are tied to them by blood, we're a mix of Europeans and Mayas and it's a Hispanic Day, so we're not celebrating Hispanic Day, I disagree with that entirely. Some people are saying that we're celebrating Mestizos but alienating other cultures such as the Mayas. They were asking why not just get an Indigenous Day. Well everybody has their own views and there's a million views out there. Some are saying well not make one day and include Garifunas and Creoles and Mestizos, some will say oh no, Garifunas will say they want their own day so it's difficult to satisfy everybody."

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