Dia de Finados/ Hanal Pixan is celebrated by the Maya communities in Northern & Western Belize. This tradition is observed from October 27-Nov 9th. Nov. 1st is observed as All Saints and Nov. 2nd as All Souls and finally culminating with Bix one the 9th of Nov. Many altars are done in the homes and communities offering food for the souls. This traditions celebrates the life of our loved ones by offering their favorite meals, drinks, sweets and prayers. There are many elements that are essential and practices associated with this tradition.

Writer of Belizean folklore, David Ruiz Puga shares a segment of the story Los Finados from his first publication of short stories Old Benque. The story commemorates the traditional celebration that identifies us as one Belizean culture.

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86-year-old Elvira De la Fuente Duarte recalls how Los Finados was celebrated when she was growing up in Benque Viejo del Carmen.

How Belize Honors Dia De Los Muertos
Finados. How Belize Honors Dia De Los Muertos. The day of the dead, all souls day. Finados, meaning decease or more affectionately, soul who has passed. Finados is a tradition and celebration that links together Latin America, Spanish culture and Indigenous peoples. You may be familiar with Dia De Los Muertos, yet in places like Brazil and the Caribbean country of Belize, the people remember this cultural practice as Finados. To up hold Indigenous roots in a world so far removed and influenced by colonization, still remains to be quite a sticky balance, especially when it comes to matters of the dead. In this video we will follow the living of a Mestizo community in Western Belize, as they honor the souls of the dead in a world dying to remember tradition.