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The new administration at the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) created a traffic board intending to monitor the number of vehicles in town and is one of the entities approving permits for owning a golf cart/vehicle. Recently, a handful of residents have complained about the traffic department’s process when applying for a vehicle permit. Some islanders are suspicious about the department; as a result, the SPTC said they would investigate the issue and assure that anyone with a clear justification needing a vehicle should not face many difficulties in getting such a permit.

Mayor Gualberto’ Wally’ Nuñez said there is a need to control the number of vehicles on the island to combat traffic congestion and the overpopulation of vehicles. While a list of people recently denied permits to own a golf cart exists, the Mayor was unaware of reports that some were asked to meet privately with the chairman of the traffic board to remedy the situation. Nuñez said he would look deeply into the complaints. He disregarded the suspicions that any questionable activity could occur because not only does the traffic board approve permits. “It goes through the traffic board; whatever it is approved there, it has to be signed by myself as well,” said Nuñez.

The Mayor explained the process of getting permits for a vehicle/golf cart. According to him, a permit should first be applied for before purchasing or obtaining a vehicle from another person. He pointed out that this has been an issue at the town council because people buy vehicles before getting the permit to own them. The other step to getting the permit is to have a reasonable reason for why the vehicle is needed. Persons who already own a vehicle or a motorcycle may not be approved.

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