The Ministry of Health & Wellness takes this opportunity to share with the public the manner in which data for COVID-19 deaths are compiled and reported through the daily COVID-19 infographic report.

When a death due to COVID-19 occurs, the ministry reports the death when the medical practitioner issues a death certificate. A copy of that certificate is submitted almost immediately to the Epidemiology Unit of the ministry for reporting.

Procedures that may contribute to a delay in confirming a COVID-19 death can include the identification of the deceased, laboratory confirmation of COVID-19, case review of the death, inputting the death into the Belize Health Information System (BHIS), among others. With respect to the infographics, daily deaths reported are based on the time the ministry receives a copy of the death certificate.

A review and breakdown of the COVID-19 deaths reported for November 15, 2021, are as follows:

One death for November 2
One death for November 3
Two deaths for November 8
One death for November 9
Two deaths for November 10
One death for November 12
One death for November 13
One death for November 15