The San Pedro Town Council and the Sanitation Department hereby gives notice to property owners or property agencies in San Pedro to clean over grown parcels as stated in the TOWN COUNCIL (CONTROL OF REFUSE) BY LAWS, 2005 STATUTORY INSTRUMENT NO. 13 OF 2005


(1) The council may authorize the cleaning of premises that are unkept and overgrown within the limits of any town and recover the costs of cleaning such premises from the owner or occupier.

Also the burning of garbage in limits of Town is an offence in violation of the TOWN COUNCIL (CONTROL OF REFUSE) BY LAWS,2005 STATUTORY INSTRUMENT NO.13 OF 2005


(F) Burns any refuse anywhere within the limits of any town or one mile within the limits thereof, commits a littering offence

We kindly ask residents to notify us of any over grown properties by contacting our Sanitation Department at 673-8004