No specific deadline yet

Following the new San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) election in March of this year, newly elected Mayor Gualberto 'Wally' Nu�ez announced that there would be an audit of the town council. SPTC said the audit had started throughout that month and that islanders would know of the full report in a few months. Eight months later, no audit has been made available to the public. Mayor Nu�ez said that there had been a delay, but the audit was coming. The Mayor said completing the audit was one of his primary goals, but the delayed report is due to discrepancies found in their investigation. "We are working on that; we are not going to back off from that. We will get the audit done, even if it takes a year to do it," said Nu�ez. The Mayor explained that the delay had nothing to do with planning a "witch-hunt" on members of the previous administration but to complete the investigation and then show the people what they encountered and the plan moving forward.

According to him, the new administration at the SPTC has implemented a 'New Municipality' system that incorporates all the different departments into one. Nu�ez said this new system yields more accountability, and he is more aware of the daily activities within the various departments. This is one of the reasons why businesses need to provide to the town council all the information of their establishment for their new database system. Each company is required to register before applying for a trade license. Registration of businesses takes place in the capital city of Belmopan.

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