SPTC warns against illegal dumping

The garbage issue continues to be a big problem on Ambergris Caye, and according to the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), a large chunk of their budget goes towards tackling this growing issue. As a result, the SPTC is experiencing an increase in trash disposal expenses, and the administration is debating whether to start charging garbage fees in residential areas. Currently, only businesses are charged for garbage collection. The town council also warns residents of illegal dumping and to refrain from using hazardous waste as landfill. Property owners failing to adhere could be penalized with fines for not complying.

Mayor Gualberto ‘Wally’ Nuñez said that the Solid Waste Transfer Station located south of the island will start charging the SPTC for collecting rubbish beginning in 2022. Despite this upcoming additional expense for the town council, the Mayor said they are trying to see if they can absorb the cost, considering many residents are still struggling financially with the pandemic. “We have not gotten to the point that we will be charging. We will see first what we can do so we do not have to charge,” said Nuñez. He further added that they are looking at different ways to deal with the garbage situation on the island and appeals to the community to help dispose of their rubbish and comply with the laws aimed at keeping San Pedro clean, beautiful, and healthy.

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