Click the link below to access Statutory Instrument No. 147 of 2021 - PUBLIC HEALTH (PREVENTION OF THE SPREAD OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE) (COVID-19) (AMENDMENT) (NO. 2) REGULATIONS, 2021


New SI Released Late Monday Night

Last night, we couldn't tell you definitively what the curfew was because there was no new SI. About half an hour later, SI 147 was released but it didn't say anything new. As the Minister mentioned before, the curfew starts from 10pm to 4am from Sunday to Thursday and from 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This curfew will extend into the new year, expiring on January 15, 2022.

In addition to that, it says that essential workers who are employed at government buildings and any person seeking that service will be required to be fully or partially vaxxed, as long as the date for their second dose has not elapsed. A person seeking the service can be exempted if they have an appointment and present a negative COVID test.

PSU On Mandatory Vaccine

As you heard in the new SI, tonight, there's less than a month's grace period left for the public servant who may be of the Anti-Vax persuasion. As of December 15th, these many thousands of workers have to show their vaccination card or they will be marked absent from work and dealt with disciplinarily
And while the Public Service Union says it is on the side of freedom of choice in healthcare, they themselves are not anti-vaxxers.

That's what PSU President Dean Flowers told our Sunup hosts this morning when he sat down to discuss mandatory vaccines and why in his opinion, it's a strategy that's doomed for failure.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union
"The public service union is not against vaccination, I think it's important that I make that clear because there are political operatives that may want to paint that picture. What the public service union has come out publicly to state is that we are not in support of mandatory vaccination. Vaccinations are good, they serve as an additional line of defense, however, people should be able to choose whether or not they want to engage in such an invasive procedure for which there exists a great deal of uncertainty, both in the short term and in the long term, and if we cannot respect that, and we cannot speak about that then we have a fundamental problem, and that is where we are with this current administration who is uncreative and is expressing their lack of talent in addressing the vaccination issue. It requires consultation, it requires dialogue and I'm quite sure with the softening of people you might achieve progress but do not bring down the hammer on people because it creates animosity and it creates resistance."

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