It seems that the saying "September remember" has been around for a while long before 10th September 1931. The 1787 hurricane struct at 3 a.m. and continued through 10 a.m. the next day. It must have been a large one. Based on the description of the winds in the attached article, similar to Hattie, the 1787 hurricane may have come in from the northeast. Its direction must have been turned this way by an early cold front. I tried different approaches of a hurricane to Belize to see how I could get the winds to blow as described. The only way to get the winds to start at NNW and then shift to the SW is if the eye passed just north of the town going in a northeastern to southwestern direction. Five hundred homes were destroyed killing 100 people. Fifteen ships came ashore so there must have been a tidal surge as well.

The significance of this hurricane is that it would have struck one year after the great migration of some 2500 people from the Mosquito Coast to British Honduras in 1786. Many of these people were placed at a site called Convention Town. Convention Town was located in the area across the river from the entrance to Vista Del Mar. Convention Town pretty much disappeared off the face of the map. Since my theory is that this hurricane passed just north of Belize City, Convention Town would have been smack in the middle of the eye. From all accounts, this hurricane was a strong storm. We don't know how many years Convention town existed, but cit could have met its demise one year after it was established because of this hurricane.
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Albert Paul Avila