The newest charity non-profit organization on Ambergris Caye, Share and Care, is organizing the islandís first feeding campaign for stray dogs. The organization is asking the public for help in donating dog food or monetary contributions to help them complete its goal. Their first feeding campaign commences this month:

Saturday, December 11:
Meet up on the beachside by the bridge
2:00p.m. to work on San Mateo Area

Sunday, December 12:
Meet up at Ambergris Stadium at 8:00a.m. to work on the DFC area

The cost of the T-shirts will be posted later, however you can place your orders now along with your size so they can and reserve one for you! Donít forget to bring along your face mask, a hat and your energy!

Instagram: sp.shareandcare
Call/WhatsApp: 602-0433

Share and Care was created to feed the stray dogs of San Pedro Ambergris Caye! There is a rise of stray dogs due to the lack of sterilization, haphazard breeding, and COVID! Their first goal is to identify the most populated areas in San Pedro and feed the strays!

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