Starting Monday, December 6th, the San Pedro High School (SPHS) will welcome a portion of its student population for face-to-face classes. On Wednesday, December 1st, the school issued a letter informing parents that only at-risk students will be attending physical instruction while the rest of the student body will continue online learning. The administration of the SPHS said that this is necessary to help students improve their grades and be successful at school.

Principal Emil Vasquez said that due to COVID-19, they could not accommodate everybody on the campus. About 40% or 238 students will enter the school compound starting Monday. The classes will last until mid-day, and students must sanitize before entering their designated classrooms. There will be bathroom passes in each class to restrict one at a time use. Other requirements include wearing face masks, carrying a transparent water bottle, bringing a snack for breaks, and rubbing alcohol.

Principal Vasquez said that this is an experiment, and depending on the results, there will be a discussion about whether to have two shifts (morning and afternoon sessions). "For now, we are trying to do it concurrently, with an online and face-to-face group, and we will see how that works," said Vasquez. The principal indicated that they informed the Ministry of Education about offering face-to-face classes. He explained that the board of directors had to approve such a request before obtaining the green light from the central government. Vasquez added that if someone testes positive for the virus while in school, they have a set of procedures in place to follow, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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