The Public Service Minister was also asked about his views about the retirement of Dorothy Bradley, Belize's Auditor General. Today was her last day in office, and she now goes on retirement after a long and distinguished career as a public servant.

After 17 years at the Central Bank, she joined the public service in 2000 and has served in the notable posts of Supervisor of GST Department, the Accountant General, and Chief Elections Officer. Then, in September 2011, she was appointed as Belize's Auditor-General - the ultimate watchdog of public affairs - and her office spearheaded many reports that led to significant exposure of corruption in public life.

Yesterday, the Public Service Minister said that Belize is losing a stellar public servant:

Hon. Henry Charles Usher - Minister of Public Service
"First of all, I have to congratulate and thank Mrs. Dorothy Bradley for the years of service that she has provided to this country as a public officer. She was the Chief Elections Officer at one time. She has served well as Auditor-General, in fact, one of the best Auditor-Generals we've had in this country. So, I'm very sad to see her go, and but I am happy for her that she has reached her retirement age, and that she's moving on. She's also a voter in Fort George. So, let me just put that there, that I am happy to be representing her in the House as well, but certainly, she will be missed in the public service. As to her replacement, it's a process that has to go through. We will be advertising that post. When the persons who apply come in, we'll have an interview panel set up, and we'll be looking to see who will replace her."

"Is there anybody in mind to replace her?"

Hon. Henry Charles Usher
"Not at this time, we'll have to see the applications coming in first. There are so many audits that need to be completed, and it was unfortunate that we were not able to give her the human resources that she has been asking, for some time now, for years. But certainly, from when I became Minister of Public Service, she and I have met, and she was saying, 'Minister, I need some help to finish these audits.' So, the office is still working on it. I know up to her last days in office, she was giving instructions, working on some of the audits, and making sure that they can be completed, because as you said, it's critical that these audits are completed."

In a press release of her own, Auditor-General Bradley said, quote, "I did my best to serve this office with distinction, contributed to its growth, and leaving it in a position to allow my successor to build upon what I leave behind."

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