And the police were anticipating another round of drug hunting after they started tracking yet another low-flying plane last night. It was around 10:45pm when JIOC personnel were deployed, and they stayed on the track until 3:30am when the plane went into Guatemalan airspace.

It's a tough task for the officers especially since they're tracking mostly on sight and sound without key radar or air assets. Today we spoke to ACP Grinage about last night's operation, and the possibility of getting a new aircraft radar in the next year. Courtney Menzies has this story.

While the police were making plans for an early morning drug destruction of the cocaine found in the Hidden Valley area, some officers were up all night tracking another plane flying low over Belize. ACP Alford Grinage filled us in with preliminary details.

ACP Alford Grinage - Operations Commander
"As usual, sleepless night trying to deal with these narco trafficking. Yes, we were following a track that was declared and the plane did pass over Belize as usual, and it went into Guatemala. We are still waiting for further details from our counterparts to see if it had been apprehended or whatsoever became of it."

Courtney Menzies
"Is there any truth that it was flying or circling over Belmopan?"

ACP Alford Grinage
"Yes it did."

Courtney Menzies
"Sir people seem to think this might be a message that the narcos are sending to Belize."

ACP Alford Grinage
"Well it's a message that we're prepared for and if they land we'll be able to detect and do what we have to do to get the drugs from them."

And while these officers say they're prepared for what will come, they're lacking the necessary equipment to fight in the war against drugs. But the Prime Minister has promised a radar to better track the planes and ACP Grinage said it will be a game changer

Hon. John Briceno - Prime Minister
"The Americans are prepared to provide a radar that will have a long reach, it will cover all of our exclusive economic zone and go far into other countries around us so from far we will be able to track other planes that are coming and predict the place they are most likely to land. I feel that by the middle of next year we're supposed to be able to get the radar but we're waiting on the US, the US I guess have seen how serious we are on trying to stop this."

ACP Alford Grinage
"It will assist us greatly because during the time I was the director JIOC, we had a ground based radar and I could tell you that the tracking was easier for us during that time because we more have an accurate location of where the plane might go whereas persons now, it's different, I don't want to go into much detail because we'll be disclosing our weakness and other things but if we do get the radar it will help us tremendously."

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