If you take a drive around the island, you would notice a lot of infrastructural activity on San Pedro. That is because for weeks now, the council has embarked on several projects to bring relief to residents who have been clamoring for upgrades to major thoroughfares. As News Five found out today, thirty-five percent of works have been completed along seven miles of road in communities on the north and south sides. The aim is to get the streets fully paved by the end of 2022.

Wally Nunez, Mayor, San Pedro Town

"Most of these areas have been neglected for many years and all of these areas what we started with is the main streets. We have a plan for the all main streets and then from there, we are going to branch off to the smaller or the other areas that we are not doing at the moment. I just want to ask the people to be patient with us; we will reach there. On phase one, we have done thirty-five percent so we still have sixty-five percent to finish, but we are moving along so that we can reach as much as possible because the different areas are quite spread apart. Right now it is phase one where we are filling up the holes so that people can pass and then we are going to be rehabilitating it in a way that we are going to plan the drainage system and how we are going to pave it."

Channel 5