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With the onset of the holiday season, the reality that many families and children are still very much in need has driven generous donors to give in abundance. To ensure that no child will be without a toy this Christmas, Living Word Church has been gifted a check for an incredible $74,900 to benefit its annual toy drive! San Pedro's Caye Bank Chairman and former ambassador Joel Nagel was a driving force behind the fundraising campaign, alongside Michael Cobb of ECI Development. Together, both gentlemen were able to obtain generous donations from clients, shareholders and friends to ensure a most happy Christmas for the children of Ambergris Caye.

"I grew up as a poor farm kid, without a dad," says Nagel. "Making sure these children get a toy at Christmas is personal." He has always been an advocate for embracing community, and through the Living Word Church, has found a way to connect with the most vulnerable population. Michael Cobb, CEO of ECI Development is encouraged by the success of this year's toy drive as well. "To be a part of this fundraiser every year is incredibly fulfilling. ECI Development is founded on community and social responsibility, and each year that we are able to make even a small difference in children's lives is a success to us."

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