It was a historic day on Friday, as the National Bank of Belize launched its very own digital wallet. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technological advancement and the ease of doing business would see businesses and individuals moving to paperless transactions. Well earlier today, another pay app was made available to the thousands of clients who bank with the National Bank of Belize. Here's more about N.B.B. Pay.

Alvaro Alamina, General Manager, National Bank of Belize

"We all know that as technology evolves, the way we do many things is also changing and we have little choice but to adapt and move on with this fast moving train. As a developing nation, we must keep up with technology to remain relevant. When smart phones were introduced, I had no idea as to what they would do to us all in the future. These mobile devices that we put in our hands or pockets have certainly made an impact on the way we live. Undoubtedly smart phones have become part of our lives and their use is not limited to making calls, sending text messages, taking pictures or listening to music. Smart phones are transforming and revolutionising the banking sector for consumers, merchants and corporations. As a young bank, with only eight years in the financial sector, we are very proud and happy that this revolution in the banking industry is here and that the National Bank of Belize Limited is doing its part to make conducting business easier. This launch is a major milestone for our bank, the people's bank, because we are the second commercial bank in the country to launch a fully functioning digital mobile wallet."

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