A presentation by Mathieu Charette
Tuesday, December 13, 2021

To investigate the long-term avian biodiversity of the Maya Mountains in Belize, in 2012, we opened the Toucan Ridge Bird Observatory (TRBO), the avian branch of the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (TREES) Research Center in Belize. We work with both Neotropical migrants (from North America) and austral migrants (From South America), as well as Belizean resident birds. Our long-term monitoring focuses on a combination of walking transects, point-count surveys, citizen science programs (such as eBird), and bird banding, often through the MoSI program. We also investigate migratory connectivity through the MOTUS initiative. In this presentation, we will present the results of 9 years of bird banding at T.R.B.O. and information about the development of a bird banding culture and capacity building in Belizean bird banders and the evolution of a National Belize Bird Banding lab.

Mathieu Charette is a bird biologist working on the West Coast of Canada and in the Maya Mountains of Belize. Originally a seabird biologist and bander, he switched to passerines in 2012 when he started the TREES. He is currently the Director of the Toucan Ridge Bird Observatory and NABC- certified trainer.