As one of the most prolific, impactful and original inventors in the entire history of the world, Belizean-American inventor Andre Gray is responsible for many of the technologies we use today as a regular part of our daily lives. Indeed, he single-handedly revolutionized the internet and smartphone in their infancy and infused them with artificial intelligence. As the winner of the one-time, highly prestigious Johannes Gutenberg Inventor Prize in 2002, Gray is often cited as being responsible for at least 80% of how smartphones work and just as high a percentage of how the internet works, thanks to his invention of the world's first internet bot-"inkling" in 1988. Since creating the "Internet Big Bang" on August 8, 1988, Gray has been ranked as the world's No.1 inventor every year for the past three decades by various publications from around the world and he is widely regarded as one of the five greatest inventors of all time. We know a lot about his inventions and even certain aspects of his adult life that informed his inventions, but little about the childhood of this lone genius, so that will be the focus of this interview. But before we start the interview, here is a list of all the inventions solely credited to Andre Gray:

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