Along the San Antonio Road in the Toledo District is Santa Cruz Village. Tucked away behind the primary school is the Hibiscus Maya Art and Craft Cooperative. The cooperative focuses on creating traditional Mayan clothing, Cuxtal (a traditional Maya bag), jewelry, and household items (bowls, cups, plates, etc.) made from natural materials. Currently, the women travel to various tourist destinations in southern Belize to sell their crafts. In 2019, the sewing group took part in training conducted by the Toledo Institute of Development and Environment with funding from the World Environment Center as part of the international Power to Grow Innovation Challenge. The cooperative regularly received visitors from the USA and Canada but Covid measures and fears across the globe has limited their interactions. In 2021, the group continues to work hard and want the public to know that they are still open for business and working hard at the craft which is now playing a more important role in the livelihood of their families.The project donated 5 sewing machines to the group and they also received training in fixing them. Their capacity was also increased with training in marketing, costumer service and small business management. The Cooperative women are also working on their documents to open an account at the Toledo Teacher's Credit Union to start saving for their future growth as well as to increase transparency and accountability of their operations. A major accomplishment for the members is that every month, group members contribute 5 dollars to the cooperative. The cooperative used its funds to purchase land in the community. So if you find yourself near Santa Cruz, be sure to find the women of the Hibiscus Maya Art and Craft Cooperative to purchase local craft. You can reach them at phone number 601-4838.