Turning to other matters within Mahler's purview, the press asked about the recent approval from Cabinet that both he and the Minister of the Blue Economy & Civil Aviation should seek the views of relevant stakeholders about departure fees for regional flights.

The Government wants to attract more regional air carriers to Belize, and so, they want to pitch the idea of a different fee structure for those Central American airline companies. The media sought clarification from him on that matter, and here's what had to say:

Hon. Anthony Mahler - Minister of Tourism & Diaspora Relations
"We believe that we can have Belize, I don't want to say hub but we can attract more flights from Central America and from Mexico. What Honduras has done is they have created a tax regime for flights originating out of 4 countries in Central America now the Mexican carriers have told us that between 55 and 68 US dollars for departure fees and taxes they would not be able to come to Belize and generate a profit, so 0 from 0 is 0 so we have none coming in at the moment, we believe that we can create routes from all across Central America not only Mexico, cabinet approved that I go back and talk to all the agencies, Belize airport concession company, PACT and airport authority on how we can reduce the fees to attract more Mexican and regional carriers."

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