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Presents title belt to be disputed in 2022 match

On Monday, December 20th, island mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and instructor, Martin Dawson, was officially named the representative of Teyaochihuani in Belize, an independent association of kickboxing and self-defence based in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Dawson was visited by Teyaochihuani's president and Mexico's national director of kickboxing Ernesto Hernandez. Both are currently working on hosting at least two kickboxing events in Belize next year, with a title match that will see a Belizean champion representing the country at an international fight in Veracruz in July of 2022.

Hernandez and Dawson's affiliation grew stronger following his participation in a kickboxing event in Veracruz last November, organized by Teyaochihuani. The idea then emerged for Dawson to become this association's director in Belize. Dawson and Hernandez spoke with The Sun about their plans to organize similar events on the island. They have showcased the title belt in the Welterweight division to be disputed in Belize. According to Dawson, fighters from every training school in Belize will have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming events planned for 2022.

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