We leave you tonight with a view of Christmas light displays from across Belize City. News Five's Paul Lopez and cameraman Rick Romero spent a few hours this week enjoying the scenes. We hope you will too.

Paul Lopez

"If it's one thing Belizeans love about Christmas it is Christmas lights. From grand displays, to humble decorations, we often times pause to enjoy its beauty. Tonight we bring you these displays from across Belize City. Enjoy!"

Christmas light displays in Belize are often heavily influenced by North American culture. Penguins and polar bears are foreign to Belize. A snowman figure during the holidays is probably the closest thing to snow many Belizeans will ever encounter.

Santa scratched Belize off his list centuries ago, because there are no chimneys to sneak in through, during Christmas.� Plus, the milk would probably turn, and the cookies would become ants infested, before Santa arrives. Still, he and his trusty reindeers make the cut annually.

One scene that depicts Christmas for Christians across the country is the manger scene. According to the story, over two thousand years ago, the Virgin Mary gave birth inside a manger to a boy named Jesus, the foretold son of God, who would later become humanity's savior.� And many people still love adding figures to their light displays they share with the community.

Maybe next Christmas, lighting displays will represent more local traditions, like a Christmas bram, rum popo, and black cake, while we sing to the tune of "Old Fashion Christmas", and "Good Mawnin Miss Lady."� Perhaps, instead of polar bears and penguins, we will dress our homes with toucans and jaguars. But, until that time, whatever Christmas means to you, enjoy it with family and loved ones. Reporting for News Five, I am Paul Lopez.

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