PM Uses NY Message To Celebrate Superbond

The Prime Minister recorded a very optimistic, forward looking New Year's Message - which also airs as an ad in this newscast.

Though his first year in office has seen over 500 COVID deaths - he stressed that government is doing all it can to contain the global pandemic:

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"Our fight against the covid-19 virus has been relentless, almost 400,000 tests have been administered. Over 30,000 Belizeans have recovered and the last wave has abated with an average of just 30 cases over the last 10 days. painfully, 592 Belizeans have succumbed to the virus and like all Belizeans I lament every single passing from this disease."

"Today, the risk of a more contagious variant Omicron compels us to take our vaccines and booster shots, to physical distance, wear masks and to always practice proper hygiene."

And while no democracy in the world has been able to master the ever changing COVID pandemic - the Briceno administration did master the Superbond debt - which afforded him a well earned boast:

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"2021, spectacularly brought the end of super bondage. The retirement of the superbond wiped away half a billion dollars the public debt, while redirecting resources to an internationally celebrated program of eco-marine conservation."

And from mastering the Superbond in 2021 - to taking on the return to schools in 2022, the PM was optimistic:

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"With the re-opening of schools, the ministry of education will expand the free secondary school initiative which will start with 4 schools in south side Belize City as a part of our education upliftment project. The trust of the ministry's energy will be to recover the classroom time and lessons lost to the pandemic."

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