Tomorrow is New Years Eve and that means glitter, champagne toasts, and a party that lasts till the break of dawn, but not if the COMPOL has anything to say about it.

After all, the pandemic, despite all our best hopes for this new year, continues to rage and with Omicron now present in Belize, COMPOL Williams took to Facebook today to tell the bar and restaurant owners that their midnight countdowns are effectively canceled:

Daniel Ortiz
"Can I ask you sir for your thoughts on these illegal parties that are being advertised on the internet, I know that as we're still in a time of Covid and social distancing but people are promoting these events as if they're allowed, what are your thoughts on that?"

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"Well, we can see that some people are still selfish and they're only concerned about themselves or making money and seemingly they want to forget that we are still in a time of pandemic and so what I have done is send out a press release to remind the public that we are still in a time of pandemic and at this time the police will be enforcing the COVID regulation particularly the aspect of it that has to do with social event parties and face masks, everybody are seeing what the OMICRON variant is doing around us and while yes we are not sure if it is already in Belize, we can see that is a more contagious strand of the COVID 19 virus and if it is here it takes one person at one of those events to spread it so rapidly across this country and as Belizeans we must be cautious, while yes, there are who believe that they are young and strong and not afraid of covid, we still have to be mindful to the most vulnerable amongst us and we must act in defense of them. So those illegal parties being advertised and I can call out the names of some of those places so that the public can know, we have Social Lounge in Belize City, we have Alaia in San Pedro, I think Losers Bar in San Pedro, we have sunset bar in San Pedro, there are a number of them and again let me say to the organizers of these parties and persons who may be intending to do that these events are illegal and the police is going to rain on your parade. I've seen in some in some instances they are saying that they have sold out, well then cash back out because who ever had paid to attend these events, I don't know what will be the issue with them and those person but we are going to make sure that those events do not occur. Now there are some of these places that are resorts or hotels and they believe that because they are resorts or hotels that they can have social events for their guests, let me remind them that the regulation clearly states that you cannot gather in group of more than 10 with persons who are from different households. The guests that stay at these resorts are from all over the world, they are not from the same household, they reside in different rooms at the hotels and if you bring them together in one social setting, you are in clear violation of the COVID19 regulation and we will do what needs to be done in accordance to the law."

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