As we approach the end of 2021, it is observed that a number of establishments and private individuals are advertising via social media and other means, their intention to host various social events to welcome the New Year. While we understand that this is normally a celebratory season and the want for persons to celebrate; we must bear in mind that we are still in a raging pandemic.

This being the case, the Belize Police Department advises all those establishments and private individuals who are planning on hosting or attending these events; that doing so, will amount to a clear breach of the COVID-19 regulations. We ask everyone to put aside their urge for partying and substitute such urge with the need to keeping our people (particularly most vulnerable) safe during this time.

The Department is committed to working with other frontline workers to reduce the spread of this infectious virus within our communities. Therefore, we will be enforcing every provision of the COVID-19 regulations; but in particular, the restriction against parties, social events and wearing of face masks. We ask ALL to work with us in making sure that come the beginning of the year 2022 there is not an increase in infections among our population.

The Belize Police Department takes this opportunity to wish all Belizeans a safe and prosperous 2022. The responsibility to reduce our COVID-19 numbers is that of everyone. We therefore ask that we act responsibly over the holidays to ensure that we maintain a low positivity rate going into the New Year.