She reported to work on the 20th of December, but reports say that the new CEO of Health and Wellness was not in office today - and some speculate that she may not be long for the for the job.

Dra. Lesbia Guerra was selected to replace Dra Deysi Mendez - who had a contentious and acrimonious departure from the Ministry in late November.

But, it seems her replacement did not find an optimal situation at the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Our reports say she held meetings with the transition team last week - and, reports suggest, things were not to her satisfaction.

So, Guerra, who never did sign a contract at Health - did not - reports suggest - appear at her office today - and has reportedly told political higher - up's, basically, that she can't step into that situation as it currently stands.

We did text her requesting comment but got no reply.

We note that Guerra did not leave her former CEO post at the Ministry of Natural Resources on the happiest of terms when she departed in October, after 11 months.

It remains to be seen who will fill this most senior post - one of many now vacant at the Health Ministry in the midst of another surge in the pandemic.

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