Hotel Rooms Become Unavailable to Others

Another issue causing challenges for Belize hoteliers is when guests test positive for COVID just as they are about to leave. This means they cannot depart the country as scheduled and will need to continue their stay. In some cases, this can have a domino effect since new arrivals were supposed to get those rooms.

Ted Tejada, Director, Belize Hotel Association

"I heard of a hotel that had quite a bit of cases yesterday. Not within the employees, but within the guests. What we are seeing is that hotels are testing within the community in the guest. Let's say, I had a hotel that said they had twenty cases yesterday within the guests. It is one person within a family. These are the individuals that are being tested because they are supposed to leave the country tomorrow. So, once they have tested positive, they can no longer leave. So, this hotel has twenty guests that can no longer leave. Those are rooms that guests have to stay minimum five days. In this particular case, the hotels had already sold those rooms to new guests. Now we have a problem where those rooms are no longer going to be vacant because you have individuals that can no longer leave the county. And it is also posing the problem of having to find hotels with their neighbourhood in order to put new guests arriving into the country."

Stewart Krohn says some hotels are discounting rooms for those guests who test positive and have to remain longer. And, because there have been some cancellations from previously scheduled visitors, this has created some leeway for properties to accommodate those with COVID.

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