Hi all,

My name is Oscar Webber, I am a UK based historian who specialises in the history of disasters in the ex-British Caribbean. I am currently researching 1931 Belizean Hurricane and, in my research, have come across the claim made by Mr Emory King, once president of the Belize Historical Society that the British authorities knew in advance of the 10th of September that a hurricane was inbound but either downplayed or ignored the warnings.

I first read of these claims in an archived report from Channel 5 news (linked below). King claims that his argument is supported by a letter Donald N. A. Fairweather, radio operator at the time, wrote to Pillings on the 24th of September, 1931. Now, the Channel 5 article is not wholly clear on where the letter is found, at one point in the article King states, ‘I found it in a book called “Cyclone” by Ernest E. Cain’, later he says that Cain ‘compiled as much information about the hurricane and called the book “Cyclone.” He also has that official report from Fairweather to the Colonial Secretary’. I have a copy of Cyclone! albeit with a few pages missing but cannot find mention of the letter in the book. So either its on the missing pages or the letter was separate and King found it the Belize archives.

Consequently, I was wondering if anyone had seen this letter or knew where it might be and/or had a copy of the article published by King titled ‘The Hurricane of 1931’.
Any help tracking this information down would be greatly appreciated!

The ariticle - https://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/20135