It is no secret that businesses across the country have been severely impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. Going into the third year, business owners across the country continue to brace for impact, shoring up their investments as best as they can. We have all seen the rapid increase in COVID19 cases caused by the Omicron variant. And, while its not causing the severe cases of illness like that of Delta, the rapid increase in infections can be potentially damaging for those businesses already in limbo or teetering on the edge. News Five asked Senator Kevin Herrera, Senator for the Business Community, for an overview of the current situation.

Kevin Herrera, Senator, Business Community

"I think there are several impacts. One is, you have the labor component. Of course, you have the loss of business component. When these variants are rampant throughout the community people tend to want to move around less. As well as they change their minds, and even if they don't change their minds, there is this situation right now with quite a number of flight cancelations. Over one weekend, I think there were like six thousand flight cancelations worldwide. I think that is a real threat. In addition to that cost, I think there is also a sickout cost, Social Security has to bear a part of that cost, as well as employers. So, it is an area that has significant impact in terms of the economy and how things are going. You are getting it at several angles with this virus."

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