We asked Senator Kevin Herrera, Senator for the Business Community. for his thoughts on the reopening of the land borders, and how local businesses have been able to stay afloat as a result of the closures

Kevin Herrera, Senator, Business Community

"I sympathize with persons who may want to go over the border to do a little shopping and that type of thing. But, the truth is we all need to support what is being done at the borders. Businesses have been bad overall. I think the more we can encourage Belizeans to spend at home during this time, I think the better it is. These are the same businesses that are providing employment. So, if persons are going over to shop over in Chetumal, the businesses that are providing those products for them are not providing any employment for Belizeans, nor paying any taxes into our system, so I really think, given the circumstances right now, it was a good thing those borders were closed and allow some of these companies to survive and be able to hold on a little longer."

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