An aircraft, suspected to be a drug plane, crash landed in the far-flung reaches of the Toledo District overnight. A team of law enforcement officers made its way to the scene earlier today and at the time that we spoke with Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, was yet to arrive at the location. Nonetheless, ComPol Williams informed that the aircraft came down near Graham Creek in the vicinity of the Belize/Guatemala border.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

"I cannot say at this time that it is a drug plane but yes, we did have information that a plane landed this morning around two a.m. in the Graham Creek area, near the Belize/Guatemala border. The area, again, is heavily vegetated and our troops, up to this moment, have not been able to reach that location and are trying their utmost best to get there. As soon as we have confirmed information from our troops on the ground that the plane is there, we will give the media an update and I will leave it at that because we still do have operations going on in the area."

Channel 5