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Some Kick-Ass Spicy Jamaican BBQ Just North of the Bridge on Ambergris Caye

Once you get over the bridge – at the very bottom as you take to the road – there is a shack. That advertises with a sign and sometimes…if you are very lucky…an amazing smoky scent… Slow down around 1pm and there will be something delicious cooking. The chef , Dan Marino, is from Jamaica and then Miami and New York and is now in Belize. And he BBQs…and makes rice and beans…but everything has a Jamaican twist and the results are DELICIOUS.

The BBQ sauce has some ginger and maybe a bit of heat…and the rice is brown with spice and some hidden HEAT. And the tender ribs and chicken have been marinated with habaneros…that much is clear. Make sure you try the ribs – it’s a big portion and they are really really tasty.

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