The number of businesses in the Belize District being affected by COVID19 is alarming. Since the week began, we have been hearing daily reports of businesses closing for sanitization and testing. These range from banks to restaurants. It's a tell tale sign of how wide spread the infections are in the current COVID19 wave. When we spoke to Dr. Melissa Diaz-Musa today, she estimated that the current infections have infiltrated almost every organization in the Belize District.

Dr. Melissa Diaz-Musa, Deputy Regional Health Manager, Central Health Region

"For Belize District we have spread in almost every organization. Most businesses, I would say about ninety percent of businesses out there, especially bigger businesses, can they say that they have at least one or two persons out with COVID at this time. So the spread is significant. But, the important thing is not only to detect the positive cases, but what you do after you have tested positive, and what would the business be advised to do or the schools. So, these things are very important, because we know with Omicron and with other variants of COVID, you can actually be infectious two to three days before you even started with symptoms. For that reason, we try to stress to household members, if your husband or your wife or your child became ill and tested positive, just stay in the household. You could open up your windows if you have a big yard. You all can go in your yard. But, don't move family members to other homes, because that is where the spread continues."

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