While the curfew - which has been in place for long over a year - does not do much to deter crime, the government feels it is helping in the COVID area - albeit barely. Though our daily cases have risen to record highs in the past few weeks, the curfew will be extended - without an SI.
The new Minister of Health said today via Zoom that we'll have at least another month of being in our homes by 11pm on weekdays and midnight on Friday and Saturdays - but sports will start to see a bit more freedom.

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness

"In terms of the Si regulations, one of the things that expired really is not the SI itself, but the curfew. Those will remain for another month. We are going to ensure that that section of the SI, all other regulations will remain the same except that we are now going to allow for 50% in terms of sports. Its something that as the minister of sports at the time I have lobbied over and over and we have been saying it over and over get vaccinated and so we have said that if you are in an enclosed location for example the civic centre, you want to have a basketball event, it must be at 50% of the population can be there and it must be placed the necessary 6 feet regulation, social distancing, proper markers must be put in place, so that its controlled. That is where we are in terms of those. I must say that we are monitoring the situation and then Monday when I meet with the covid management response team, we will be able to provide and look at the whole scenario and synopsis and then come back to the media to express. If we feel that there are other changes that need to be have, then I will have to take that to cabinet for further decision."

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