The case challenging the award of the Government's multi million dollars Microsoft 360 contract to Speednet is going to the Supreme Court for hearing on Friday.

But before they even got into the courtroom, the government's Trinidadian QC, Douglas Mendes, has already conceded in written preliminary submissions that GOB broke the law by awarding the contract without first sending it to the contractor general.

That means that on Friday, they will simply argue whether the contract should be set aside. However, this is a major concession of wrongdoing that happens to also benefit a company owned by the PM's family - in a contract awarded by his ministry.

Today we asked him about this but he didn't really seem to think it was that big of a deal.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"Well I don't know the full details, but from what I understand that yes the government has admitted that they did not go to the contractor general, so basically it's going to go to the contractor general for him to take a look at. The report that the contractor general gave, he was very clear that he saw that all the process was followed and that it was transparent and that Speednet did give the best offer to the government. Its only that it did not go to him for final vetting."

"Is there any other case where this may be happening with other contracts?"

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"I don't see that as an indictment. I see that as something good that is going to ensure now government to understand that there is a process and we must follow the process. In this case it was not the political directorate that cut corners, it is the public service and now the public also needs to understand that we need to follow the right procedures that have been set out. So I see it as something positive to ensure that we do not make those mistakes again. What is important is that it was a bid that was set out for tender, it was a bid that was followed and it was open and transparent and that Speednet did give the best offer and I think that is what you need to be looking at that, that is what we did to save money for government as opposed to say oh it never went to contractor general, but here we are, we are correcting it and then we move on, we learn from that."

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