The new Minister of Health and Wellness (MOHW), Honourable Kevin Bernard, has hinted that Dr. Marvin Manzanero may return to the ministry. The doctor faced the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic under the previous administration. After the change in government, he was unceremoniously removed from his post as Director of Health Services (DHS). Dr. Manzanero ended up leaving MOHW, an incident that did not sit well with many Belizeans, who appreciated his efforts against the pandemic.

Previously under Honourable Michel Chebat in the MOHW, the DHS post held by Manzanero was abolished. The new head of MOHW is now looking at re-incorporating the doctor back in the ministry, saying he wants to move past the issues with Manzanero. On Tuesday, January 18th, Bernard noted that Manzanero made valuable contributions to the country's efforts in addressing COVID-19. Bernard is thinking of keeping the doctor in his now new ministry. The post-Manzanero would fill in is yet to be confirmed. "I feel Dr. Manzanero can contribute to this ministry," said Bernard. "I am very optimistic and hopeful that we can find an amicable solution. It is my opinion that we reach out to Dr. Manzanero." While Bernard believes Manzanero can contribute to his ministry, Prime Minister Honourable John Brice�o is not impressed with the doctor. On Wednesday, January 19th, he again said that Manzanero did not do a good job when he was the DHS. However, Brice�o agrees that his government can use Manzanero's skills in the MOHW. If Manzanero returns to the ministry, it will not be as the DHS, but in a different capacity.

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