Sugarcane farmers in the Orange Walk and Corozal districts are receiving relief certificates as part of the Enhancing Sugarcane Farmers Resilience to Natural Hazard Events - Phase II project funded by a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. To assist with the after effects of the 2019 drought which affected their crops, BZ$1,996,218.53 is being disbursed to sugarcane farmers.

After consulting with the sugarcane farmers' associations and the Sugar Industry Control Board, it was decided to share the funds for assistance proportionally, depending on tonnage of cane delivered in the 2018-19 crop year, among farmers registered on the Belize Agriculture Information Management System up to November 2019. With more than 3,600 farmers qualifying for assistance, 60% of the total assistance was issued in 2021 and the remaining 40% is now being distributed.

Relief certificates may be redeemed at participating suppliers to obtain cane seeds, fertilizer, agrochemicals, irrigation materials and other equipment needed for production as part of the program.

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